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The top navigation mainly completes the information improvement, download and sharing functions of the chart, and provides some system functions such as membership upgrade, feedback, help center, etc.


Register and log in ChartCool and enter the online drawing tool designer

Function overview

Interface Effects



Serial number element Function remarks
1 name Chart name input box description
2 User Upgrade User membership upgrade entry, users can purchase premium membership through this button to get more privileges.
3 Chart Download When the user completes the diagram design, he can click this button, and the diagram will generate a JPG diagram and download it automatically.
4 Chart Share When the user completes the chart design, in addition to downloading locally, they can also share online to generate a URL. When receiving the URL, they can also view the chart effect together, and the shared URL also has some animation interactions.
5 User homepage Jump to the user's home page, where the user can view and manage all charts, data, and share links.
6 Help Center Users enter the help center entry in the ChartCool chart designer.
7 Feedback The feedback entry provided by ChartCool, users can send us problems encountered in use, function suggestions, comments, etc.