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Theme and background color

The theme of the chart includes the background color, the basic color range of the chart, and the basic color of the text. The background color mainly refers to the background color of the chart.


After registering and logging in ChartCool, enter the online drawing tool designer

Function overview

Interface Effects

Themes We provide a total of 12 themes for everyone to use, the overall effect is as follows

description Theme configuration Background Color Configuration
Interface Effects
Instructions for use The user selects one of the themes to immediately apply to the current chart The color picker has many operations
1. Select a single color: click on the color block
2. Choose more colors: you can click the button to choose
3. Set transparency: you can configure the scroll wheel below or adjust the value of 0-100
4. Set the hexadecimal color code: enter the configured code in the input box of the hexadecimal code, and then click the button on the left.